South Carolina Legislative Information Tracking System

This system is designed to allow users to track legislative information via the methods described below once a profile has been established and validated.

Custom Reports allows users to produce reports (.pdf and .doc format) on bills using various criteria such as bill status, bill sponsor and bill subject.

Tracking Lists allows users to keep track of personalized lists of bills for the current legislative session by creating as many as 10 lists with a maximum of 1000 bills per list. You may find this to be useful when tracking a large number of bills on a day-to-day basis.
     * Tracking Lists can also be submitted to produce printer-ready documents from the Custom Reports area.

     * Tracking Lists can also be combined with Subscription to notify a user when any bill in their list has changed.

Subscription allows users to receive e-mail notifications when changes are made to legislative documents such as bills, House and Senate Journals and Calendars, Committee Meetings and bill sponsors.

Multi-Search Save allows users to save as many as 10 multi-criteria searches on current or archived legislation.

Account Info allows users to change their account password, default tab, email address, or even delete the account.

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